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ImageMagick's error codes

Posted: 2009-06-19T08:39:14-07:00
by Bertrand
Hello everybody,

Is it possible to get the list of error codes of ImageMagick ?

If no, does anybody know when errors 135 and 137 are raised ?

Thank you by advance,

Re: ImageMagick's error codes

Posted: 2009-06-19T08:43:22-07:00
by magick
ImageMagick has internal error codes of 300-799. The ImageMagick command line programs return either 0 (success) or 1 (failure).

Re: ImageMagick's error codes

Posted: 2009-06-19T08:50:21-07:00
by Bertrand
Hum, well that is strange.

I have a php call that does :
exec($call, $finfo, $retcode);
where $call is an ImageMagick's command line.

Here is what I have on my debug log :
exec(/usr/local/bin/convert -set registry:temporary-path /tmp -limit memory 32mb -limit map 64mb [...etc] 2>&1), returned '', code = 137
where "returned" is $finfo[0]'s value and "code" is $retcode's value.

Does anybody have an idea of what is going on ?

Re: ImageMagick's error codes

Posted: 2009-06-23T10:18:37-07:00
by Bertrand
Some news.

I searched for occurencies of those codes and I find them in two different file.

XSANY.any_i32 = 135 ;
sv_setpv((SV*)cv, "$;@") ;
cv = newXS("Image::Magick::StereoImage", XS_Image__Magick_Mogrify, file);
XSANY.any_i32 = 137 ;
sv_setpv((SV*)cv, "$;@") ;
cv = newXS("Image::Magick::Normalize", XS_Image__Magick_Mogrify, file);
Profile = 135
UnsharpMask = 137
Does anybody have some clue ?

Re: ImageMagick's error codes

Posted: 2009-06-23T10:20:39-07:00
by magick
Those values are enumerations for choosing which PerlMagick method to use. It has nothing to do with exception codes.