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Apply a MagickWand to a DrawingWand

Posted: 2012-12-12T12:41:07+00:00
by J2T
Hi folks,

is there a way to apply a MagickWand into a DrawingWand i may overlooked? I only found "MagickDrawImage(x)" where i can apply a DrawingWand into a MagickWand.

The reason is that i have a bitmap font where i like to apply a stroke. Therefore i load the bitmap font texture into a MagickWand and then i like to put it into such a DrawingWand to apply the stroke.

Currently i simulate the stroke through a shadow and through leveling the alpha channel. I think using the native stroke is more robust.

(Yes i know, a DrawingWand directly supports font rendering with nice effects, but i'm forced to used a given font bitmap)

thanks for your advice.