The difference of Gaussian Blur between Gimp's and ImageMagick's.

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The difference of Gaussian Blur between Gimp's and ImageMagick's.

Post by 2049651 » 2016-02-10T00:38:11-07:00

Hello Everyone,

Now, I'm trying to implement to apply Gaussian blur by using ImageMagick.
So, I am referring from Gimp Image manipulation tool's Gaussian Blur.
But I found that the output of the gimp's and ImageMagick's are so many different.
I don't know what the reason of the difference.
So I want to know that if I want to implement Gaussian Blur of Gimp's almost exactly by using Imagemagick, How do I supposed to do that? How do I implement Gaussian Blur of Gimp by using ImageMagicK?

Would you please help me?
Currently, I am using a code like in c++ "m_blurgray.gaussianBlur(20,val); //blur"
and I found what they are using like this code.
std_dev = sqrt (-(vert * vert) / (2 * log (1.0 / 255.0)));

what coefficients should I do to have the same output as gimp's in m_blurgray.gaussianBlur(????,????);
Are they each other have the same algorithms or mechanism?

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