Cannot install latest version of Perlmagick

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Cannot install latest version of Perlmagick

Post by bobbintb » 2018-04-03T08:31:41-07:00

I was using an older version of Imagemagick, 6.8.0, I believe, and the Perl command for adding a comment was not working. I could get it to work fine with just a CLI but the Perl module for that one particular function just never added a comment. I decided to uninstall and reinstall with the latest version of Imagemagick and Strawberry Perl. I was under the impression I just need to install Perl and ImageMagick but it doesn't seem to install PerlMagick even though I selected the option in the ImageMagick install.

When I run my script I get:

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Can't locate Image/ in @INC
I tried to install via CPAN with:

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notest install Image::Magick
but it fails at the end with the following:

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Magick.xs:60:10 fatal error : magick/MagickCore.h: No such file or directory
I am using Strawberry Perl and ImageMagick 7.0.7-28-Q16. This is Windows Server 2012R2.

Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot install latest version of Perlmagick

Post by johnfl68 » 2018-04-15T10:17:27-07:00

I'm not that familiar with Windows Server, but if I remember correctly, and it is similar to Linux you would need to do the following as well to add PerlMagick:

ppm install PerlMagick

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