Can someone please confirm?

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Can someone please confirm?

Post by msHaBa » 2018-06-10T04:16:07-07:00

Can someone please confirm if I need to have Ghostscript installed in order for ImageMagick to successfully convert PDF files to TIFF, or is the necessary Ghostscript functionality included in the ImageMagick install?

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Re: Can someone please confirm?

Post by snibgo » 2018-06-10T04:48:43-07:00

I think it depends on the platform.

For Windows, Ghostscript needs to be installed.
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Re: Can someone please confirm?

Post by Bonzo » 2018-06-10T09:34:04-07:00

From memory it is best to install Ghostscript first.

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Re: Can someone please confirm?

Post by fmw42 » 2018-06-10T11:37:00-07:00

Ghostscript is needed as well for Unix systems.

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