Loading PNG Image Problem

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Loading PNG Image Problem

Post by jstph » 2018-08-01T14:23:16-07:00

I have a PNG Image, which may have some issue. I have been able to load it with IM before.
But I have problem in IM7.
The ImageMagick loaded it with a error message "Read error at scanline 4294967295; got 4529 bytes, expected 4560. `TIFFFillStrip' @ error/tiff.c/TIFFErrors/572", and exceptionInfo has the severity "CodeError(450)" . But the error_number is 0.

I have tried the same image with GDIPlus and it successfully loaded it.

The test image is located at http://www.satoricm.net/tmpfile/ccitt.png
My System is window 10 pro.
IDE is vs 2015
IM is IM-windows 7.0.5-4.

the following is the test code.

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	ImageInfo* imageinfo = AcquireImageInfo();
	Image* image;
	ExceptionInfo* exception = AcquireExceptionInfo();
	char* inputFileName = "ccitt.png";
	int size = strlen(inputFileName) + 1;
	memcpy(imageinfo->filename, inputFileName, size);
	FILE* input = 0;
	fopen_s(&input, inputFileName, "rb");
	SetImageInfoFile(imageinfo, input);
	image = ReadImage(imageinfo, exception);

	exception = AcquireExceptionInfo();
	ImageInfo* outimageinfo = AcquireImageInfo();
	char* outputFileName = "newccitt.png";
	size = strlen(outputFileName) + 1;
	memcpy(outimageinfo->filename, outputFileName, size);
	FILE* output = 0;
	fopen_s(&output, outputFileName, "wb");
	SetImageInfoFile(outimageinfo, output);
	WriteImage(outimageinfo, image, exception);


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