layerd PSD export with included preview

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layerd PSD export with included preview

Post by Friedbert Sch. » 2018-12-07T03:17:01-07:00


If i create a multilayer psd with IM there is no preview included in the psd.
As discribed from ADOBE here: ... Id-1039502
Thumbnail resource format
Adobe Photoshop (version 5.0 and later) stores thumbnail information for preview display in an image resource block that consists of an initial 28-byte header, followed by a JFIF thumbnail in RGB (red, green, blue) order for both Macintosh and Windows.

This resource block is empty in my created multilayer psds.
ImageMagick 7.0.7-31 Q16 i586 20180506

Our DAM Cumulus uses this resource block to create a preview in the DAM Cumulus.

I there a way to get a preview inside the psd?

Thanks in advance

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