ImageMagick - Resize image to square

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ImageMagick - Resize image to square

Post by Carole027 » 2019-02-10T23:24:16-07:00

I have just started doing some ImageMagick work. I am currently trying to convert an image from a file size that is almost square (1411 x 1486) or similar sizes to a square shape, like 1024x1024 unfortunately the resize function doesn't seem to do a resize of the canvas so i keep getting number like 1024x982. I am wondering if there is anyway to convert a not so square image into a square image using their c++ libraries.

The reason they are not square is because i am converting GPS positions to UTM and getting a square shape, but unfortunately because of the curve of the earth they are generally about 400m off of being square... incase you were wondering.

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Re: ImageMagick - Resize image to square

Post by fmw42 » 2019-02-10T23:36:39-07:00

The -resize function will resize to keep aspect ratio by default. If you want to force the size to be exactly what you want, it will distort the image from its normal aspect ratio. In command line you would add !, so -resize 1024x1024!. Alternates are to resize and pad or resize and crop. See ... p#geometry

Sorry, I not not know any of the APIs. But you posted to the Imagick forum, which is not C++. So I will move it to the C++ forum.

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