Problems in Publisher after Mogrify

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Problems in Publisher after Mogrify

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Hopefully someone can help me with this..... may not even really be an Imagemagick issue :(

I have to create several thousand QR codes at a time which I do by downloading from a site which generates them - they save as png files.

I then need to convert them to CMYK files (to keep a printer happy), so I batch convert to jpg as follows:

mogrify -format jpeg -colorspace CMYK *.png

This seems to work fine, but when I use them in Microsoft Publisher merge and export to a pdf, it seems to give up half-way through the file and puts in a square with a red x (like a placeholder) on some of them.

I expect this is an issue with Publisher as some times if I run the same file it gets more correct than others. Unfortunately I'm stuck using Publisher because I need it's 'shrink to fit' text facility. I'm also stuck with the Office 2013 version, as I'm told the Outlook server will have a problem if I try to update to 2016.

If I run the merge with jpegs then the 'red x' problem does not occur.

So my question (got there eventually!) is: how can I use mogrify in a way that won't cause MS Publisher to play up?

Is there anything I can do to make the final file more efficient? - I've tried lossless compression, but that actually increases the file size (we are only talking about a file which was 281 bytes as a png and is 2.79KB as a converted jpg).

Any ideas would be much appreciated!