Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface. This includes the command-line utilities, as well as the C and C++ APIs. Usage questions are like "How do I use ImageMagick to create drop shadows?".
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Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Post by BarbaraValenzuela » 2019-07-10T21:58:24-07:00

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Re: Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Post by magick » 2019-07-11T04:53:33-07:00

Try this command:

Code: Select all

magick -limit memory 2GB -limit map 4GB -quiet "input.tiff[6550-7000]" "tiff64:output%d".tiff

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Re: Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Post by fmw42 » 2019-07-11T09:07:40-07:00

For IM 7, I think you should just use magick, not magick convert. For IM 6, use just convert.

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