Do not save ICC Profile in resulting file

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Do not save ICC Profile in resulting file

Post by VasyaIvonov2 »

Hi everyone! I have the next code (C#):

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using (MagickImage image = new MagickImage(srcFilePath))
       image.AddProfile(srcProfile, true); //Source ICC Profile
       image.AddProfile(ColorProfile.SRGB); //Target ICC Profile
       //I want to convert from srcProfile to targetProfile and everything is OK, but...
All is right, that code does what i want: convert from srcProfile to targetProfile, but in resulting file's exeif metadata there is target ICCProfile's information. I want not save it at all. Is there a possibility to do so without re-open and save file one more time?

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Re: Do not save ICC Profile in resulting file

Post by snibgo »

I suggest the equivalent of the command-line option "+profile *". See ... hp#profile . I don't know what that is in C#.
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