Error 412: convert .eps to .png

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Error 412: convert .eps to .png

Post by Thesa »


I just installed the newest version of image Magick (7.0.9-2) on the ubuntu 18 version.
Now I am trying to convert an .eps file to .png.
I am typing:
convert -trim xxxx.eps xxxx.png
The error is: convert-im6.q16: not authorized `xxx.eps' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/412.

I don't know how to solve this problem? I would really appreciate some helpful informations!
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Error 412: convert .eps to .png

Post by snibgo »

thesa wrote:not authorized `xxx.eps'
Check your policy.xml. I suspect something in there prohibits reading eps files.

Note also that IM delegates reading eps files to Ghostscript.

Also: for v7, I suggest you use "magick", not "convert". And "-trim" is an operation that needs an image, so should come after you read the input, not before.
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