shaving help

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shaving help

Post by colorful »

convert -shave 50 -gravity north in.png out.png

I am trying to remove 50px off the top. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: shaving help

Post by fmw42 »

Read the input first, then put the settings, then the command. Shave does both top and bottom. You want -chop.

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convert in.png -gravity north -chop 0x50  out.png

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Re: shaving help

Post by snibgo »

See ... .php#shave and ... s.php#chop

You need 0x50 to remove from top/bottom but not left/right. Setting like "-gravity" for operations must come before those operations, not after.

"-shave" is not sensitive to "-gravity". "-chop" is, so:

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magick in.png -gravity north -chop 0x50 out.png
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