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by michalfapso
Forum: Magick++
Topic: Image::read( ) - string encoding requirement?
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Re: Image::read( ) - string encoding requirement?

Hi, I had also problems with using utf8 QString filenames with Magick++ compiled with MinGW. I posted the fix here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=25785&p=112497#p112497
by michalfapso
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Utf8 filenames on Windows with MinGW
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Utf8 filenames on Windows with MinGW

Hi everyone, first I would like to thank you all for working on ImageMagick! We use it for PSD load/save in our application and we found out that it has problems with using non-ascii filenames. The problem was in magick/utility-private.h in fopen_utf8(). When we changed: #if !defined(MAGICKCORE_WIND...
by michalfapso
Forum: Developers
Topic: Why Colorize/Hue/Saturation/Luminize operators HSB-based?
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Re: Why Colorize/Hue/Saturation/Luminize operators HSB-based

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for contributing to ImageMagick. We needed to implement the color blending modes in our application, but ImageMagick produced different result than Gimp or Photoshop. I just had a quick look at the ImageMagick color blending (Hue, Saturate, Colorize, Lumin...