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by Gloria88
Forum: Kudos and Rants
Topic: COMPOSITE -IN-Tile Across and Down hasn't worked
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COMPOSITE -IN-Tile Across and Down hasn't worked a long time.. Plus hate the new format!!!. Also .. OUTPUT resized and sharpened pngs not outputting! What's with that?
The original ImageMagick was the best.
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Inputting images
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Inputting images

Not taking URLS or from browsing. Get this. Exception 445: unable to open pixel cache '/var/www/html/ImageMagick/MagickStudio/workarea/1d926b6e279590f3a8a8413da74437cabd63de3b6e8d1a309ee335825e43f098e2f8067a92a93a6b9ed6795adc463758060fb304cd82b182c9a6baacd80466f5/MagickStudio.dat': No such file or d...
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Composite IN not working
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Composite IN not working

I use this to fill odd pngs with transparent backgrounds, with jpg images and not wotking this morning.
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Images not loading
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Images not loading

Getting this when trying to input an image from my desktop or direct URL Exception 445: unable to open pixel cache `/var/www/html/ImageMagick/MagickStudio/workarea/a75b14964ecfaec829dc653dbb9dfbe3d2076b04d37af6d4ab9872f5bf7da9b04b8456215997ba9a30d9e90f6cb880f4bb2bf611a43381089952b5120861e74d/MagickS...
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Not taking images
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Not taking images

Can't upload any images, not from BROWSE or direct URL