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by Rita
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Settings are not remaining.
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Settings are not remaining.

If I have a graphic that I am annotating with more than one name, it does not allow me to annotate more than two at a time without re-entering the Offset, ColorS and point size. The rest of settings seem fine, while those setting just go back. For instance, after two annotations, the color goes righ...
by Rita
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: annotation problem
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annotation problem

I have tried to annotate several graphics today, and with each instance, I get long broken vertical lines that appear over the graphic.
The problem seems to be just with the annotation feature. :(
by Rita
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Fonts not available
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Fonts not available

Most of the fonts are not available, for some reason. I get that stop sign! The only fonts that show up are the last couple in the list. What can be done? :(
by Rita
Forum: Users
Topic: Blinkies
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I would like to add text to a blinkie. When I try and do so, the text blinks also. What am I doing wrong? :(
by Rita
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Words with glitter not animated
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Words with glitter not animated

I have always been able to add glitter to words, but now when I get to the final steps (just prior to and including OUTPUT), the glitter does not animate as it should. I get just the color added. What is happening? :(