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Topic: Help compiling from source on Mavericks
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Help compiling from source on Mavericks

I want enabled ImageMagick on Mac OS X and have been following these instructions without problems until now. In a nutshell here is what I am doing 1. Install ImageMagick with MacPorts 2. Install openmp enabled gcc ( 3. compile ImageMagick from source and use dependencies from Ma...
by centesimiae
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Topic: OpenCL + OS X
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OpenCL + OS X

I've compiled from source on 5 Macs now with limited success. As near as I can tell the Macs with Intel GPU and the newest Mac Pro with AMD GPU are broken. Compiled from source using compiler at for OpenMP support. Compiles fine, but seem to fail at the same place: line 899: in o...
by centesimiae
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Topic: ImageMagick expert
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ImageMagick expert

Looking to establish a relationship with an ImageMagick expert for occasional paid consultation. We are using ImageMagick in a printing operation and seem to be pushing the envelope with ImageMagick's abilities. Would like someone who has intimate knowledge of performance issues, optimization, etc. ...