keeping animation settings..

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keeping animation settings..

Post by dognose »

I'm working with some animated gifs, editing individual frames, then recomposing the animation.
convert oldimage.gif -coalesee %d.gif
.. edit some of the frames ..
.. then recompose with
convert 1.gif 2.gif 3.gif final.gif

However, I lose animation settings like frame timing and looping.
Is there a better way to swap out the frames, or retain the gif settings?

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Re: keeping animation settings..

Post by fmw42 »

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Re: keeping animation settings..

Post by anthony »

I suggest you look at using the script... "gif2anim"

This separated the GIF animation into separate images, and creates a file with convert settings that are needed to re-build the animation from those images. So you get a set of 'frame' images plus a file of all the 'meta-data' associated with the animation.

The complement script is "anim2gif" which essentially reads that script removes all comments and gives the options to a "convert" command with a filename for the output. Script options to optimize or change input frame filenames or output filename.
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