Create lineart from color images

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Create lineart from color images

Post by RyanBram »

When looking for vectorization process, I found a software called mkbitmap by Peter Selinger. It's function is for creating bitonal image as an input for potrace. The following is what the sotware can do :

Thresholding without highpass filter

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mkbitmap -x -t 0.5
Thresholding with highpass filter

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mkbitmap -x -f 2
Are there an equivalent function in ImageMagick especially the one with highpass filter?
Because those function will be useful for creating coloring book for my student by using pre-existing color images.

See also
mkbitmap man page
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Re: Create lineart from color images

Post by snibgo »

IM contains many operations (sch as "-edge") that may be combined to do this. I wouldn't be surprised if fmw42 has a script for this:
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Re: Create lineart from color images

Post by fmw42 »

This works reasonably well for me on your original color image. Lines are a bit more discontinuous than in your other software.

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convert loxie-orig.png -negate -separate -lat 5x5+5% -negate -evaluate-sequence add loxie_edge.png

see ... ns.php#lat

you can play around with the arguments to try to tweak it better.