Sketch not working

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Sketch not working

Post by audas »

I am running on CentOS VPS server and sketch will not work. I am also running several other scripts which are also failing on specific things - but all else is.

I created a simple test which showed vignette was working - but specifically NOT sketch and am hoping it is a missing module or something.

The minimum package is installed, these same versions were failing on 6.3.

I also have a problem with FFMPEG if this has any bearing.

here are some of the details -

imagick module enabled
imagick module version 3.3.0
imagick classes Imagick, ImagickDraw, ImagickPixel, ImagickPixelIterator, ImagickKernel
Imagick compiled with ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.9.0-10 Q16 x86_64 2016-01-22
Imagick using ImageMagick library version ImageMagick 6.9.0-10 Q16 x86_64 2016-01-22
ImageMagick copyright Copyright (C) 1999-2015 ImageMagick Studio LLC
ImageMagick release date 2016-01-22


ffmpeg* lwp-rget* phar.phar* sa-compile*
../ ffprobe* Magick-config* php* sa-learn*
a2p* ffserver* Magick++-config* php-config* sa-update*
animate* find2perl* MagickCore-config* phpize* shasum** findrule* MagickWand-config* piconv* spamassassin*
c2ph* gpgmailtunl* mal-scan* pl2pm* spamc*
chartex* graph-easy* mech-dump* pod2html* spamd*
compare* h2ph* mencoder* pod2latex* spfd*
composite* h2xs* mogrify* pod2man* spfquery*
config_data* htmltree* montage* pod2text* splain*
conjure* identify* mplayer* pod2usage* srs*
convert* imgsize* neroAacEnc* podchecker* srsd*
corelist* import* oscartest* podselect* stream*
cpan* instmodsh* package-stash-conflicts* prove**
cpandb* ip2cc* pear* psed* tpage*
cpan-mirrors* ipcount* peardev* pstruct* ttree*
crc32* iptab* pecl* ptar* vsyasm*
dbilogstrip* json_pp* perl* ptardiff* Wand-config*
dbiprof* lame* perl5.8.8* ptargrep* wp*
dbiproxy* libnetcfg* perlbug* pwhich* x264*
display* lwp-download* perlcc* qt-faststart* xsubpp*
dprofpp* lwp-dump* perldoc* s2p* yasm*
enc2xs* lwp-mirror* perlivp* sa-awl* ytasm*
faac* lwp-request* phar@ sa-check_spamd* zipdetails*