Issue with composite -stereo on 6.7.8

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Re: Issue with composite -stereo on 6.7.8

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Thanks for your feedback.

Adding the "-compress none" in the command works but somehow the file will not be properly displayed by some tool:
- IE opens a white page (KO)
- Paint and Windows opens the image properly with color (OK)

More importantly, my homemade tool does not display anything so either using 6.9.9 (with a mix of convert and composite) or generating JPG files is better for the time being.

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Re: Issue with composite -stereo on 6.7.8

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As of IM and IM you can now do

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convert image1 image2 -geometry +X+Y -compose stereo -composite result

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magick image1 image2 -geometry +X+Y -compose stereo -composite result

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Re: Issue with composite -stereo on 6.7.8

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Thank you Fred !