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Image processing to OCR

Posted: 2017-12-06T05:22:20-07:00
by malleshjm

I am trying to automate the process of timesheets in our company. the users will usually send it as a screenshot and I am trying to run OCR and extract text and hours from it.

Imagemagick version - 6.8.9-9

I tried many processing techniques with PILLOW and OpenCV libraries using Python, but not able to get the proper image for OCR to process it.

Imagemagick looks like my final option as i tried to process it and generates the result when the image is like

But I need it for this image -

Please help me in getting the image processed so OCR can read these texts.

I am totally new to Imagemagick.


Re: Image processing to OCR

Posted: 2017-12-06T05:27:10-07:00
by Bonzo
There are a few post on the forum about OCR if you search and they might give you an idea of the possibilities.

Also you have posted the link to the same image twice.

Re: Image processing to OCR

Posted: 2017-12-06T06:22:35-07:00
by malleshjm
Thanks Bonzo for pointing it out. I have updated the link.

I actually tried most of the settings mentioned in this forum, but those settings are not working in my case.
Hence i am asking here...