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Linking to the libraries of a newer version

Posted: 2019-03-19T13:40:02-07:00
by jonotrain
I have executables that were written to work with version 6.5 of ImageMagick. I tried installing the older version but unfortunately I get errors whenever I try to make or make install any of the 6.5 packages. So, I installed 6.9 using MacPorts and tried using install_name_tool to just change the libraries in my existing executables to match the names of the new libraries for Image (So I changed libMagick++-6.Q16.5.dylib to libMagick++-6.Q16.8.dylib, etc.) but they are still not working. Is there any way to get these old executables running?

edit: I should add that I get the same error dyld: Library not loaded: @/opt/local/lib/libMagick++-6.Q16.8.dylib, although that is the correct path for that library