Need help building IM from Linux source, issues with delegates.

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Need help building IM from Linux source, issues with delegates.

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Hi all. I have been tasked with creating a Linux binary to put on multiple environments. Currently we have IM 6 and we need to upgrade to IM 7 in order to be able to convert HEIC to PNG. There is no past documentation or the source anywhere, so I am effectively on my own. IM was put on each environment by zipping up the bin, etc, include, lib, and share folders and dropping it into each environment where it runs fine no matter where it is placed (is placed in same folder structure though). Checking out the config and whatnot it points to the same place, but there is nothing there and all delegates, dependencies, etc. are in the various folders mentioned before.

I cannot use the rpm or do much on their environments due to low permissions so I am building it off a local Ubuntu machine from the source. I am at the point where I configure it fine (I think?) at least, I just cannot figure out how to "package/zip" up the built IM with all delegates and whatnot. Since all the dependencies are scattered throughout folders and I don't know how to get them all in the build I cannot achieve this.

I have tried many config options "sudo ./configure" with various combinations of these options "--disable-installed, --disable-shared, --prefix=[PATH]" and some others. Nothing seems to do the trick.

I have been Googling around and trying every which way, so if someone could give me any guidance that would be great. Thank you!