jpeg 2000 compression

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jpeg 2000 compression

Post by yeller » 2007-01-29T15:39:31-07:00

I have converted a file to jp2 and do not know how to compress that file - because as far as I understand - that is where jp2 is really good, that it can be compressed a lot, and not lose quality.

I have seen some abbreviations for compressions but not a complete list.



Post by yeller » 2007-01-29T15:45:38-07:00

I am using the command prompt.

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Re: jpeg 2000 compression

Post by Nemo_bis » 2015-10-06T06:45:10-07:00

See ; jp2 is lossless only if used with

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-quality 0
, which has some marginal space saving over a LZW/Zip TIFF.

Otherwise, you can get unexpected results: viewtopic.php?p=125169#p125169

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