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IM used by "producers" (non-developers)?

Posted: 2016-04-07T15:36:16-07:00
by salmen
I am curious, is IM used by producers, photographers, motion-graphics-people and such? That use it as a tool in production. Or is it exclusively for the more technical users like engineers, programmers, developers etc?

Re: IM used by "producers" (non-developers)?

Posted: 2016-04-08T00:42:22-07:00
by snibgo
We get many requests in the Users forum that start with, "I'm not a programmer and know nothing about scripting but I need..."

EDIT: Another thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=29437&p=131758#p131758 reminds me that many people use ImageMagick without realising it, as it is easily incorporated into other products.

Re: IM used by "producers" (non-developers)?

Posted: 2016-04-08T10:44:46-07:00
by salmen
I wonder if there are also those that would say something like "I am not a coder, but sometimes I prefer to roll up my sleeves to get better control". Instead of using the common readymade software.
In 3d-production I think its not uncommon that artists/producers are also programmers to some extent - or have programmers working with them.