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change Image color

Posted: 2011-01-05T10:02:21-07:00
by ratneshsoni ... 6ebd23eaaf

sending video with this post. In this there is example of with two images. one is multi-color image and one is single color.
how it is possible with IM.
plz help me, Tell me the correct solution of it

Re: change Image color

Posted: 2011-01-05T15:04:02-07:00
by fmw42
this has been posted before. the only solution that I know is to have a clean background t-shirt and separate pictures for the overlays. For each overlay that you want to change colors, make it grayscale first and then recolor it with, for example, +level-colors black,somecolor or +level-colors somecolor,white. Then composite the changed overlay onto the clean background image.

In your video, I suspect they have versions of all the images separate and the display is just showing the results. Each time they change something, they go back to the originals and reprocess and then re-overlay the changed items.

see or and ... vel-colors