Problem creating backgorund transparent

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Problem creating backgorund transparent

Post by ratneshsoni » 2012-03-24T01:45:07-07:00


I am using below command to make background transparent. in this there is white background over there and i want to make it transparent.

convert -alpha set -channel RGBA -fuzz 10% -fill none -floodfill +0+0 '#FFFFFF'

but as i run this command i got following error. What did i do wrong in this, please let me know and help me in resolving this issue.
convert.exe: unrecognized color `'#FFFFFF'' @ warning/color.c/GetColorCompliance/947.

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Re: Problem creating backgorund transparent

Post by Bonzo » 2012-03-24T04:24:03-07:00

This works for me with Windows command line:

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convert 454_env_liner.png -fuzz 10% -transparent #FFFFFF 454_env_linernew.png
This also worked:

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convert -alpha set -channel RGBA -fuzz 10% -fill none -floodfill +0+0 #FFFFFF

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Re: Problem creating backgorund transparent

Post by fmw42 » 2012-03-24T09:39:39-07:00

convert -alpha set -channel RGBA -fuzz 10% -fill none -floodfill +0+0 '#FFFFFF'
As you seem to be on Windows, try double quotes around your hex color and not single quotes. Also -fuzz 10% needs to be 10%%. The percent needs to be escaped in Windows.


Do you have write access to to be able to upload after creating that file?

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