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Special Cricle font are not working

Posted: 2012-12-18T04:53:48-07:00
by ratneshsoni
I was having problem with special cricled font ttf. I am using following commend to do this. Following command is not able generate the font image in specified ttf. -t 'JBK' -f 'font/Circle_Monograms_Three_Black.ttf' -p 25 -c '#000000' -b transparent CircleMonogramsThreeBlack_51.png.

Please let me know regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Special Cricle font are not working

Posted: 2012-12-18T11:32:08-07:00
by fmw42
try something simple such as

convert -background lightblue -fill black -size 200x -font yourfont label:"sometext" result.gif

if that fails then it is your font. If not, I will test further.
Is the directory font a subdirectory of your working directory. If not, then use the full path to your font directory