Imagemagick does not work with ajax ..

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Imagemagick does not work with ajax ..

Post by sriducati »

Hello People,

Below is my front end code ..

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<html xmlns="">
<script src="//"></script>
<Script type="text/javascript">
    function im()
        var Name=document.getElementById("Name").value;
        var pointsize=document.getElementById("pointsize").value;
        var format=document.getElementById("format").value;
        var bckclr=document.getElementById("bckclr").value;
        var color=document.getElementById("color").value;
        var bcolor=document.getElementById("bcolor").value;
            var url='Name='+Name+'&pointsize='+pointsize+'&format='+format+'&bckclr='+bckclr+'&color='+color+'&bcolor='+bcolor;
            //-----Sending request to server for getting job name list by ajax-----
                type    : "POST",
                url     : "i.php?",
                data    : url,              
                cache   : false,
                success : function(html)
                    var pic='<img src="'+html+'">';
echo('Name: <input type="text" id="Name" onchange="im()" value="your name"  name="Name" />');
echo('pointsize: <input type="text" id="pointsize" onchange="im()" value="50" name="pointsize" />');
echo('format: <input type="text" id="format" value=".gif" onchange="im()" name="format" />');
echo('BackGround Color: <input type="text" id="bckclr" value="red" onchange="im()" name="bckclr" />');
echo('FontColor: <input type="text" id="color" value="white" onchange="im()" name="color" />');
echo('Border Color: <input type="text" id="bcolor" value="blue" onchange="im()" name="bcolor" />');

echo ('<div id="Div_Im">');
echo('replace me');
echo ('</div>');
and backend code is:

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$filename = $Name.$format;

$cmd = " -background $bckclr -pointsize $pointsize -font $font -fill $color ".
            " -strokewidth 1 -stroke $bcolor label:\"$Name\" ";

exec("convert $cmd $filename");
echo('<img src="'.$filename.'">');
//echo $filename;
above code works only if i made changes to Name field but it does not work for any other parameters,we should keep refreshing the image to get an output image.... how do we fix this???