Readimage low resolution C++

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Jessica Wu
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Readimage low resolution C++

Post by Jessica Wu »

I use the imagemagick++ API in my C++ programm. Readimage is used to read a multi-pages PDF file. But the resolution of the output image is too low.

vector<Image> imageList;
readImages( &imageList, "E:/ww.pdf" );
for(int i = 0; i < imageList.size(); i++)
writeImages( imageList.begin(), imageList.end(), "D:/yes.tif" );

Is there some solutions to improve the resolution.
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Re: Readimage low resolution C++

Post by dlemstra »

You need to assign the density before reading the image. You cannot do that with readImages right now. But if you inline the content of readImages it can be done:

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// Not tested:
MagickCore::ImageInfo *imageInfo = MagickCore::CloneImageInfo(0);

std::string imageSpec =  "E:/ww.pdf";
imageSpec.copy(imageInfo->filename, MaxTextExtent-1);
imageInfo->filename[imageSpec.length()] = 0;
MagickCore::CloneString(&imageInfo->density, "300");

MagickCore::ExceptionInfo exceptionInfo;
MagickCore::Image* images = MagickCore::ReadImage(imageInfo, &exceptionInfo);
Magick::insertImages(imageList, images);
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