CentOS 6 Question...

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CentOS 6 Question...

Post by evan.blackstone »

Disclaimer: I'm not an Linux expert, nor am I a web developer. We're currently running a LAMP stack on CentOS (Concrete5 as the CMS, Plesk for admin panel).

How can I be absolutely sure Imagemagick is not in use on my site? I've done the following:

Checked that the CentOS packages (Imagemagick, PHP extension, Perl extention) are not installed.

sudo yum list *Image*
sudo yum list *imagic*
All ImageMagick packages are "Available", not "Installed".

File system searched for anything that looked related:

sudo find / -name "*ImageMagick*"
sudo find / -name "*imagick.so*"
sudo find / -name "*imagemagick*"
sudo find / -name "*ImageMagick*"
sudo find / -name "*imagick.so*"
sudo find / -name "convert" (without the wildcards)
sudo find / -name "policy.xml"

No results on those.

PHPInfo for the actual website does not like imagick module loaded.

Anything else you'd recommend? I'm pretty sure we're in the clear, but I don't want to take any chances. Thanks in advance.

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Re: CentOS 6 Question...

Post by trav »

Given what you've checked I'd say you are safe in concluding that ImageMagick isn't installed on the system.