Can I perform multiple tasks with a single command?

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Can I perform multiple tasks with a single command?

Post by lojesus75 »

Hello I got an insight from yesterday that I got a good solution and think it is a current problem.

I am so grateful to the members of this site.

However, the following problem occurred.

. Test Environment
OS: Windows 10
Version: ImageMagick-7.0.7-Q16

Reference file ... SUiBF7DuLH

1. File with color density. ... PYB6q3zEnZ

My Snippet Code
magick Pattern_2.jpg [1536x864 + 0 + 0] (image.jpg -negate) -alpha off -compose copy_opacity -composite result3.png

Can I process multiple commands at once?

The attached file contains several color intensities in one image.

From k20 to kN, I know that in order to change a specific color, you have to use the -fuzz option to apply the effect.

Can k20 apply image1.jpg and apply imageN.jpg to kn?

If you do not use a single console (CLI) to process, you should run as many commands as there are concentrations. This process is not efficient and takes a lot of time.

ImageMagick wonders how to deal with commands that have these various conditions.

Thank you again.