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IM and Ghostscript on CentOS

Posted: 2019-05-02T10:29:35-07:00
by the_craw

I'm looking to convert a PDF to TIF, and my IM can find my TIF delegate, but not GS. After days of trying, I'm staring from scratch.

For CentOS, should I download GS from the GS website, or from IM?

Thanks in advance.

Re: IM and Ghostscript on CentOS

Posted: 2019-05-02T11:00:12-07:00
by fmw42
There are reports of issues with both GS 9.27 and 9.26. I would suggest you get an older versions 9.23, 9.24, 9.25 from where ever you can. Try the GS site first.