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Montage Auto Fit/Auto Rotate to fit as many as possible to an A4 page.

Posted: 2020-03-10T05:55:04-07:00
by fraps1986
Hi, I was trying to create an A4 size page which has n number of tiled images on it. For example if the source image was A5 I would need it to place 2 of these images. A6, 4 or A7, 8 and so on. I have attempted to and succeeded doing this by using the tile property.

"c:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.7-Q16\montage "E:\Tickets\output.png" -geometry 595x842+1+1 -duplicate 7 -tile 4x2 -density 300 -page A4 "E:\Tickets\final.jpg"

My problem is

A) I was wondering if there was a dynamic way of doing this rather than having to specify the different tiling per example.
B) If I have 4 A7 images and 1 A5 how would I go about fitting these all on the same A4 paper. Especially if an image needed to be rotated to fit?