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Extracting human body from a still image

Posted: 2014-08-21T08:00:49-07:00
by mojoworking123
Hello everyone!

I'm new to Image Processing and I want to find hands and legs from a picture. I can't use background subtraction because my application has to take a picture only once and process information about body from it.
I guess I may use depth of the picture, but it seems pretty complicated to find depth of a still image. How to isolate body from a picture? I've been googling and researching for 5 days now. Please share your knowledge masters.

Re: Extracting human body from a still image

Posted: 2014-08-21T16:08:34-07:00
by snibgo
Step 1. Find an easier problem.

Step 2. Goto step 1.

The general problem is hard. Her hands are mostly hidden. Her left arm (on the right of the photo) blends with the background. Her outline is curved, where the rest of the scene has straight lines, so you might get some mileage from:

1. Find edges.

2. Eliminate straight lines.

3. Eliminate short lines.

4. You are left with the chair on the left, and the person. Well, probably just one head, one arm, one leg and two feet.

5. Skeletonise these shapes and count the line-ends. If it has fewer than 4 ends, it isn't a person.

The result is (most of) a person.