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Image processing project

Posted: 2014-08-30T10:58:37-07:00
by Ghost69
Hello.I have been assigned a project for my last two semesters of Engineering degree.
The project is 'implementation of virtual mouse using hand movement'.Basically a webcam will be used to take the image of the hand in real time and the movement of the hand will simulate the cursor movement.
The left and right click actions are to be done using the index and the middle finger respectively
I need help on how to start the project in a step by step and systematic manner
Any and all help is appreciated

Re: Image processing project

Posted: 2014-09-15T22:43:08-07:00
by foruforewer

I am not sure that for such kind of projects, how efficiently image magick can be used. But I will also suggest you Octave/Matlab which has ready functions and very user friendly programming syntax.

Re: Image processing project

Posted: 2014-09-16T04:11:41-07:00
by Werty
...or OpenCV.