How to use DrawableSkewX/Y?

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How to use DrawableSkewX/Y?

Post by Airon65 »

I test it using following code:

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Magick::Image testImg( "images/horse.jpg" );

testImg.strokeColor( "red" );
testImg.fillColor( Magick::Color( QuantumRange, QuantumRange, QuantumRange, 0 ) );
testImg.strokeWidth( 2 );

testImg.draw( Magick::DrawableSkewY( 50 ) );

testImg.draw( Magick::DrawableEllipse( 100, 100, w, h, 0, 360 ) );

int extent = 50;
testImg.extent( Magick::Geometry( testImg.columns() + extent, testImg.rows() + extent ), Magick::Color( QuantumRange, QuantumRange, QuantumRange, QuantumRange ), MagickCore::CenterGravity );

testImg.write( "images/test-img.png" );
I absolutely don't see the difference: with DrawableSkewY line and without it. How to properly use it?

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Re: How to use DrawableSkewX/Y?

Post by snibgo »

See . "image.draw" takes a single drawable object, or a list of drawable objects.

You call it twice. First with DrawableSkewY that doesn't actually draw anything, because it is a setting. The second time, you call it with DrawableEllipse.

As you want the skew to apply to the ellipse, you need to create a drawable list of those two objects, then draw it.
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