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Paid Need help building a script its complicated and on going work

Posted: 2016-09-03T08:29:17-07:00
by gborbonus
So I've been able to code out an imposition script already.
It takes the image uploaded, does it's best to clear it up and lays it out on a sheet as expected.

this all works really well.

So, before you get to into this post, let me just let you know the first job pay is crap. I'm not making much money off this job, so I can't offer a whole lot to you.

With that said though, this particular job is simply making an imposition file for a label printer with a few things that are abnormal. The next job after this is far better paying.

The Color format is CMYKOV, Added orange and violet, IIRC. Will have full details.

Some jobs will have different color formats and I have the ICC files already made for this.

the final result should be a PDF with the correct color format (Illustrator appears to be able to do this, but other systems possibly fail).

The next job will be:
Split out the cut layer (a layer that's added to the image by the art department), and turn that into a file for a die cutter.

The job after that:
image to embroidery format.

these 2 jobs can be priced better and there is no guarantee I'll get those jobs, but they are something the client has expressed interest in doing.

I can go into more detail over voice and explain everything as we move forward.

skype: greg.borbonus (houston, and preferred method of contact).

Re: Paid Need help building a script its complicated and on going work

Posted: 2016-09-13T13:34:02-07:00
by gborbonus

If you have questions, please ask, I really need someones help with this.