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PAID: Imagemagick Scripts JPEGs onto Shoe Mock Ups

Posted: 2016-10-30T12:20:03-07:00
by letsgopsu

I am in need of an Imagemagick expert that can place images onto a series of shoe mock ups that we use inside of an e-commerce application. I need somebody that has great attention to detail. This is an opportunity for ongoing work, we do a lot of products in our app.

Here's a link to the sample files:

That sample is exactly how we are creating the mockups of the left shoe for the men's high top

Here's what a person should need to know to replicate what we've done:

1. The file PROCESS.BAT is the batch file version of exactly what we are doing.

2. The output/final size needs to be 1000 pixels minimum in width and height. So for example, in the attached, to remain proportional we use a final size of 1120x1000.

3. Currently, we are intentionally creating the mockup as a JPG. But for this project we will want to make the final output as as transparent PNG's.

Please contact me on Skype --> letsgopsu


Re: PAID: Imagemagick Scripts JPEGs onto Shoe Mock Ups

Posted: 2016-10-30T12:43:31-07:00
by dlemstra
Your request should probably include a bit more information. Are you trying to include your batch file inside your app or are you creating something new? In which language is your e-commerce application written?

Re: PAID: Imagemagick Scripts JPEGs onto Shoe Mock Ups

Posted: 2016-10-30T12:59:54-07:00
by letsgopsu
Thanks for asking, and please excuse my lack of knowledge as I am not a developer.

I am looking for the files in the same format as they are in the attached example above.

I have a lead developer who will then put the final files into the app himself. I am trying to take this ImageMagick task off his plate because he is not an expert with ImageMagick.

The app is written in VBscript.