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Pdf to image auto android

Posted: 2019-02-02T14:06:31-07:00
by previsal
Good afternoon, I need a schedule and I think you will be of help. I work with an android app ... Cardioline touch app ... for the realization of electrocardiograms ... this application exports in pdf local, I would need to develop an automatic converter of the pdf to jpg, later to upload them to a web page queblos capture ... would you have any solution ??? You could budget this help for me. I would appreciate it very much. regards

Re: Pdf to image auto android

Posted: 2019-02-02T14:19:35-07:00
by snibgo
If your PDF contains electrocardiograms as raster images, I suggest you extract them with the "pdfimages" utility.

But if they are vector images, you could use ImageMagick that calls Ghostscript to rasterize the pages, or use Ghostscript directly.