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Write as Tiff Image in memorystream

Posted: 2017-05-10T01:50:31-07:00
by lavoyech

I'm using ImageMagick in .NET project.

In this one i have to wrtie a geoTiff image to an output memorystream.

previously i used the above line for non georeferenced format such as jpeg

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 magick.Write(responseStream, lSavedFormat);
If i use the same with the format MagickFormat.Tiff the output file is not georeferenced. (Even if the file i have load in my ImageMagick object is a correct georeferenced tiff file).

In this think ( ... pic=2700.0) i understood that ImageMagick cannot perform geoTiff process so should not be able to write to georeferenced geoTiff Image.

The previous link is quite old so i wonder if my deduction is correct or if there is a way to write to geoTiff file using ImageMagick.

I hope my english is clear enaugh.

Best regads.