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Montage in c#

Posted: 2017-06-30T01:43:50-07:00
by architektura
how to convert simple montage code from cmd line to c#

montage balloon.gif medical.gif present.gif shading.gif -tile 2x2 -label %t montage_array.jpg
for example

i use collection of images and i found this ... magick-net

but this is not help me ;/
(any link code... )

Re: Montage in c#

Posted: 2017-06-30T10:09:51-07:00
by dlemstra
Why does that code example not help you? What have you tried sofar and at which part are you stuck?

Re: Montage in c#

Posted: 2017-07-03T22:17:50-07:00
by architektura
I cant use this code in c# - I dont know how to convert this code into instructions ;/

Re: Montage in c#

Posted: 2017-07-04T06:02:30-07:00
by architektura
how set up montage into c#

-label %t - from c#
-geometry 300x200+2+2 -> Geometry = new MagickGeometry(string.Format("{300}x{200}", 2, 2)) ?
-tile 5x5 -bordercolor -> TileGeometry = new MagickGeometry(string.Format("{5}x{5}")) ?
-rotate "90<" -> ?
-page 842x595 -> ?


Re: Montage in c#

Posted: 2017-07-10T00:17:24-07:00
by architektura