Really large images...

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Really large images...

Post by matt1008 »

I have an image that is 24,000 x 48,000 that requires 4GB when opened in my C#/64 application. The image creation fails because C# has a 2GB object limit. I'm looking into a work-around solution. Possible running a command line app to break up the image into smaller chunks. Has anyone use ImageMagick command line with a massive image? My images are coming from Drones. Thanks!

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Re: Really large images...

Post by magick »

ImageMagick can read, process, or write mega-, giga-, or tera-pixel image sizes. See ... tera-pixel. That of course does not mean you could then host the entire image in memory with Magick.NET. To avoid exceeding memory limits, you could downsize the image by resizing. You could also cache the image on disk, memory-map a portion of the image to display, and scroll the image up/down/left/right to view it in its entirety.

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Re: Really large images...

Post by dlemstra »

Could you open an issue on with a code sample Github and share an image that I can use to reproduce your issue?
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