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Posted: 2014-10-29T06:42:44-07:00
by broucaries


Posted: 2014-10-29T07:17:26-07:00
by magick
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem. We're running on Fedora 20. We pan the image and then exit. The display program exits gracefully.

The crash, under Debian, occurs when the display program exits. The display program destroys any resources it consumes @ magick/xwindow.c/DestroyXResources()/235 before it exits. The actual crash is in the X11 library, XFreeCursor @ ../../src/FreeCurs.c:38. This triggers a signal which the display program intercepts and then exits. Its possible display is corrupting memory-- if so we can't reproduce it. The valgrind program does not alert us to any memory issues.

The gdb utility returns "exited normally" as expected.