libwmf detection broken

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libwmf detection broken

Post by kwm » 2015-06-17T10:14:57-07:00

Hi between 6.9.1-4 and 6.9.1-5 the check for libwmf was replaced with a pkg-config check. This is a problen since original libwmf didn't come with a pkg-config file. It was added bij de distro maintainers. The freebsd port of libwmf does not have the pkg-config file.

Could the old check be added back as fallback if the pkg-config check fails? Since the present of the pkg-config file depence on de distro maintainer.

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Re: libwmf detection broken

Post by magick » 2015-06-18T08:38:17-07:00

Already done, look for the 6.9.1-6 release this weekend.

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