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small memory leak

Posted: 2016-07-25T23:42:05-07:00
by ogoodman
There is a small memory leak in in the 7.0.2 source download which is still present in the git repo.

It is in coders/dng.c and coders/mpc.c where entry->module is given a new value without first destroying any existing value.

Let me know if you want a pull request for the fix.

Oliver Goodman

Re: small memory leak

Posted: 2016-07-26T02:59:06-07:00
by magick
Thanks for the problem report. We can reproduce it and will have a patch to fix it in GIT master branch @ later today. The patch will be available in the beta releases of ImageMagick @ by sometime tomorrow.

Re: small memory leak

Posted: 2016-08-08T03:09:20-07:00
by broucaries
Does it affect imagemagick 6 ?

Pointer to commit ?

Re: small memory leak

Posted: 2016-08-08T11:28:41-07:00
by dlemstra
This is an IM7 only issue. The relevant commit is this one: ... b432811e97