reading txt:

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reading txt:

Post by snibgo »

Until recently, the TXT: "ImageMagick pixel enumeration" format did not need to list all the pixels to be successfully read.

The behaviour that not all pixels needed to be given is documented eg in :
Reading TXT images is also valid. You do not need to define ALL the pixels in the image. In fact you do not even need to have the pixels in the correct order!
But this has broken.

For example, a text file called tettxt2.lis:

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# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 2,1,65535,rgb
0,0: (1.1,2.2,3.3)
The image has two pixels, but only one is listed. That used to work fine, eg v6.9.9-50:

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f:\web\im>%IM%convert testtxt2.lis txt:
# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 2,1,65535,rgb
0,0: (1,2,3)  #000100020003  rgb(0%,0%,0%)
1,0: (65535,65535,65535)  #FFFFFFFFFFFF  rgb(255,255,255)
But in recent IM, eg 7.0.8-64, that causes a failure:

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f:\web\im>%IMG7%magick testtxt2.lis txt:
magick: no images for write '-write' 'txt:' at CLI arg 2 @ error/operation.c/CLINoImageOperator/4816.
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Re: reading txt:

Post by magick »

Thanks for the problem report. We can reproduce it and will have a patch to fix it in GIT master branch @ later today. The patch will be available in the beta releases of ImageMagick @ by sometime tomorrow.