No Decode Delegate when using stdin

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No Decode Delegate when using stdin

Post by linedadelas »

I am having a problem when passing an image to ImageMagick via stdin.

The following command is the one in question.

$ display < frog.pgm
display: no decode delegate for this image format `/var/tmp/magick-2094Xb6fonFohOuc' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/550.


display frog.pgm

works just fine.

Interestingly, this works fine on Ubuntu but is not working on the Mac distribution.

Any thoughts?

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Re: No Decode Delegate when using stdin

Post by snibgo »

What version of IM?

I'm on Windows, so can't use "display", so can't test this, but does "display" read images from stdin? Perhaps you need a "-" in the position of a filename.
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Re: No Decode Delegate when using stdin

Post by dlemstra »

I suspect this is happening becausr that image format has no header that can detect the format.
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