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ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-03-09T10:05:04-07:00
by magick
The design of ImageMagick is an evolutionary process, with the design and implementation efforts serving to influence and guide further progress in the other. With ImageMagick version 7, we aim to improve the design based on lessons learned from the version 6 implementation. ImageMagick version 7 is available as an alpha release from See the porting guide @ to see how version 7 differs from version 6. A beta release of version 7 is scheduled for October of this year and a final release in June of 2014. These dates will likely slip depending on the feedback we receive during the alpha / beta cycles.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-03-10T19:02:34-07:00
by anthony
Note that the preferred command to use with IMv7 is "magick" rather than "convert".

"convert" will work and is actually the same as the "magick" command, but with some IMv7 aspects (such as scripting) disabled. It also clashes with other commands that were also called "convert" (especially under Window PC's) as should be avoided.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-04-27T00:03:10-07:00
by anthony

I have just uploaded to SVN, major changes for IMv7 to allow settings and percent escapes to work, even when no images are present.

For example... How many images do I have in memory...

Code: Select all

magick -print 'images in memory: %n\n' null:
images in memory: 0
That can be useful after trying to read a posibly bad image...

Because of this (and the main read to do it, you can now use percent escapes in settings, not just operations...
For example, you can set settings at the start of a magick command or script, to use throughout...

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magick -set option:my_size 100 -set option:my_bgnd lime \
       -size '%[my_size]x%[my_size]' \
       -background '%[my_bgnd]' xc:  show:
and you will get a lime colors canvas.

Cavats (at least at this time)...
* You will get a warning, if you try to set or access a per-image attribute/properity/artifact when no images are present.
* I have not gotten %[fx:..] or %[pixel:...] working without images yet,
* allso %[fx:..] to somehow be able to access (or maybe even set) % properties.

NOTE this addition as been particularly difficult as I never quite knew what would break next.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-04-27T00:11:54-07:00
by anthony
Oh.. and in case you did not know both IMv6 and IMv7 allow you to list teh free form (not specifically known) properties, artifacts, and options..

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   magick xc: \
      -define define=define \
      -set set_var      set \
      -set option:var   option \
      -set artifact:var artifact \
      -set property:var property \
      -print "__Properties__\n%[*]" \
      -print "__Artifacts__\n%[artifact:*]" \
      -print "__Options__\n%[option:*]" \

Code: Select all

   magick xc: \
      -define array_1=11 \
      -define array_2=22 \
      -define array_3=33 \
      -define array_4=44 \
      -define array_5=55 \
      -define array_9=99 \
      -print "__Array\n%[option:array_?]" \
that was added some time ago... And is very usefull for debugging setings.

However also added in teh above release was a 'debug trace' for magick options. so you can see what option was being processed when...

EG: -debug Command
will produce 'log' output before executing each setting/operation -- though the logging is very very verbose.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-07-30T07:29:49-07:00
by broucaries
Could you do if you use something like magick:
magick convert old convert argument
magick mogrify
magick identify


It will be really helpful in this way, and you do not break previous api/abi

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-07-30T19:19:34-07:00
by anthony
The only command the was replaced was "convert" and that is still available.
"magick" is meant to be able to do everythong all the other commands do.
In fact I hoped to replace some of the other commands with magick scripts.

The problem -- No time -- Life has moved on.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-07-31T02:10:34-07:00
by broucaries
For downstream (debian), it is important to replace the imagemagick command by only one.

You could do like graphickmagick have done, if you have no time.

Aka move mogrify, identify etc to /usr/lib/imagemagick/bin except magick
than in magick check if second argument is convert mogrify identify.

If it is mogrify exec /usr/lib/imagemagick/bin/mogrify

Easy and quick. I could help you if needed

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2013-07-31T02:11:23-07:00
by broucaries
Bonus point you keep api easilly if you decide to move indentify/mogrify to magick and it is step by step process.


Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2015-03-02T08:35:08-07:00
by danmh

Is there a more current goal for the final release of IMv7?

Thank You,
Dan H.

Re: ImageMagick Version 7

Posted: 2015-03-02T08:39:12-07:00
by magick
See As soon as all these scripts (~250) work properly with ImageMagick 7.0.0-0, we will schedule a release. Currently more than 100 are tested. More than another 100 to go. In the mean-time, you can download / install / run ImageMagick 7 since its a beta release.